John Covey Cole

John Covey Cole (DJ/Host)

Having worked in the entertainment industry for almost twenty years, John Covey Cole has developed his talents as a versatile performer. Starting out as a musician and host for open mic and karaoke events, he eventually made the move into professional wrestling and improv comedy. With his skills as a DJ, he has overseen numerous weddings and private events. In addition, he runs a digital production company and hosts several web shows, all while continuing to work as a freelance entertainer and DJ. John Cole is a proud member of Abe One DJ’s, showcasing his exceptional expertise in the world of entertainment. John Covey Cole's dedication to honing his craft and diversifying his talents has allowed him to thrive in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades. His journey from musician and karaoke host to professional wrestler and improv comedian showcases his versatility and passion for performing. As a skilled DJ, he has brought joy to countless weddings and private events, while also managing a successful digital production company and hosting multiple web shows. John Cole's commitment to his craft and his role as a freelance entertainer and DJ has solidified his reputation as a respected member of Abe One DJ's, where his exceptional expertise continues to shine.