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Lorenzo "DJ ELwood" Wood

A native of West Virginia and alumnus of Woodrow Wilson High School, DJ Elwood brings his captivating entertainment to your special occasions.

With previous experience as a radio DJ in Beckley, WV, and acting alongside esteemed actors Dean Cain and Christen Wood in the film “A Patriot’s Day,” DJ Elwood delivers unforgettable performances that will elevate your wedding, birthday, or party. His unparalleled talent guarantees an engaging and memorable experience for all in attendance.

Unique blend of skills

His expertise as a DJ, combined with his background in acting, provides a unique blend of skills that sets DJ Elwood apart. He effortlessly blends captivating music with captivating stage presence, ensuring that your event is an extraordinary celebration that will be cherished for years to come. DJ Elwood's passion for entertainment shines through in every event he hosts, creating an atmosphere that is both lively and unforgettable. His ability to read the crowd and tailor his performance to suit the mood of the occasion sets him apart as a truly exceptional entertainer. Whether you're looking for a DJ to keep the dance floor packed all night long or an MC to engage and entertain your guests, DJ Elwood has the talent and experience to make your special day truly extraordinary. Book DJ Elwood for your next event and experience the magic for yourself.