Will Shumate

Will Shumate (Owner/ Director of Marketing & Sales)

"Meet Will Shumate, the man who started it all. Will was the region's first mobile entertainer dating back to 1977. Armed with a few stacks of records and a couple of turntables, Will played the area nightclubs at night, but never missed an 8 o'clock morning sales meeting at the radio station the next morning. Will has been a front runner in mobile entertainment for 44 years now, and continues to lead the pack in our region. His sales and marketing skills set him apart from the rest, and his vast knowledge of music spanning 5 decades is unmatched by any other area DJ. Will has programmed radio stations of various formats over the years, so knowing what to play and when to play it is second nature for the man. Imagine a single DJ who has hosted grandmothers, daughters and now granddaughters wedding events and you've met Will. Will is admired by his thousands of followers and is still on the air every morning in the Beckley, WV Radio market. If anyone can bring the party, Will is your man. He's not alone however, he has assembled a team of the best DJ's in the region and across the country and can gladly boast that Abe One DJ's has a face for every place and you are about to meet each of them. Will is ready to discuss your wedding plans, but first, he wants you to "Meet The Team"