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The music at your wedding and reception is just as important as the photography services, the food, and the all-sacred perfect wedding dress. The music that plays at your wedding will not only take you back to the moment of your first kiss as a married couple or your first dance but also kick off your newlywed life with celebration!

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At Abe One DJ's we are one of the best wedding DJs providing you and your guests with the best collection of musical hits! With more than 46 years of professional DJ experience, our team can provide the perfect soundtrack for your wedding using only the best equipment to ensure there is never a technical glitch on your special day. Abe One DJ's is here to make your special day extraordinary! Contact us today to book your DJ for your wedding or wedding reception!

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Why Hire A Professional Wedding DJ?

So you are getting married, why book a professional wedding DJ? Here are the top five reasons why having the help of a professional DJ gives you the best music for your wedding:

  • Amateurs have nothing to lose, while professional DJs are looking to build a reputation for being the best wedding DJ possible!

  • Professional DJs know how to work a crowd, playing all the high-energy songs they love while also putting in a sentimental slow song when necessary.

  • Professional DJs can keep a wedding flowing smoothly from the first dance to the last song of the night!

  • If you hire your buddy to DJ, chances are they won’t get to fully enjoy your special day!

  • A DJ is not just your main music man, they are also your MC for the evening! You want someone charismatic to say just the right thing at the right time.


Wedding Reception Games

Find the Groom

This game is not so common, but it can be quite funny. As it works best for a big wedding. In this bride is asked to find the groom and all the guests are asked to waive their napkins in the air. It provides a bit of misdirection and distraction. It can be an easy task, but disguised grooms can add an amusing twist. They can wear a wig, fake mustache, or change clothes and anything to throw off the bride.

The Kissing Game

During the wedding ceremony at some point, your DJ or MC will call the names of some couples that the bride and groom have provided. After the announcement, the couples then have to kiss and as a twist, the bride and groom have to copy the same kiss.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great game for weddings. The game is like you hide some random things in different places. For instance, under the table, behind the door, or inside a decorative plant where this event is happening. And the participants who can find and bring those things back to the DJ receive a prize. However, this game is not ideal if the wedding is in a more open place like on the beach because there are fewer spots to hide things. It is ideal for events in closed facilities. But any place or venue that consists of a lot of items or furniture is perfect for the game.

The Shoe Game

The shoe game is very common at weddings and unlike other games, this is played by the bride and groom instead of the guests. The goal of the game is for the bride and groom to sit on chairs that are opposite to each other. And both have their spouse's shoe and their own shoe in both hands. After that, both are asked interesting questions like who fell in love first, who apologizes first, and who is more creative. They will answer by raising either their own shoe or their spouse's shoe. The fun starts when both of them have contradictory answers. Also, another amazing thing is that the attendees will get to know more about the spouses.

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In addition to the benefits above, Abe One DJ's extensive music library includes all the latest hits, as well as classics and hidden gems! We go above and beyond to get to know each couple’s personalities and musical interests to create an unforgettable experience. Not sure what music you want to play at your wedding? No worries! Let’s get your party started!

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